Accepting the challenge of college application essay prompts

Everybody who has aver had to deal with college application essay prompts, would say that this is quite a challenging and stressful process. On the result of the written paper depends whether you're going to become a student of that or another college, which is a significant step in life of every person. If you don't want to wait for the next year to apply, get ready to have some hard preparation work. A perfectly written college essay is your ticket to a good life, and we are here to help you achieve the best possible results.

Some of the college application essay prompts have personal insight questions. One of the main purposes why colleges want to you dive deep into yourself and tell your personal story is because this is how they can get to know you better and understand, whether you are the one who really needs that kind of education. Sometimes potential students are expected to answer questions about their personal life experience, hardships, hobbies, interests, about their family and friends or their most intimate dreams, their goals and biggest fears, beliefs and inspirations, talents, weaknesses and strengths. As a matter of fact, you may also be asked to write about the happiest or the worst day in your life, which are sometimes one of the hardest questions to answer. Take a look below and discover some of college application essay prompts published during couple of previous years.

Last year essay prompts examples

  • A lot of young people strive to prove something to others, which inspires them to work hard in early age. If it sounds like you, share what it is that you want to prove, whom you want to prove something and why.
  • Sometimes not getting what we want is an amazing stroke of luck. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Have you ever had a situation where not getting what you want led you to something beautiful? Share your story with us.
  • What do you think about mistakes that people commit throughout their lives? Are they mistakes or lessons? How can we use our mistakes for achieving our goals?
  • What the most significant lesson have you had in your life? What did you learn through that lesson? How does that knowledge helps you in your current living?
  • What is the biggest inspiration for you? Is there someone who is a great example for you? What story helps you move on even in the hardest times?
  • Have you ever changed your beliefs? If yes, what beliefs had you had earlier and how they transformed into your current beliefs? Why did that happened?
  • If you had a chance to travel in time and change something in your past, what would it be?

Keep it honest for your own sake

As you can see, all these college application essay prompts are in that or another way related to your personality and private life. And no matter how hard it may sometimes seem to share your personal story, open yourself up to a stranger or confess what you never thought you would confess. However, our biggest professional tip would be to take a deep breath and think carefully about the answer, while being completely honest with yourself. Don't think about someone who is going to read, judge and evaluate your paper. If you keep it honest and sincere, we guarantee you will get the best results. You need to take some time and decide to yourself: what is your intention? What do you want to say through your paper? How do you want to influence the audience and, what is most importantly, why do you what to influence them? Honesty is one of the biggest powers on the planet. It will be appreciated for sure by the committee.

Find you individuality and express it

The committee doesn't want you to repeat someone else's experience or tell a story that has been told already. Your ultimate purpose is to show your individuality through the assigned essay. This is the only way you can impress the reader properly. Besides, this is how you can show your courage of being yourself. Here are some tips regarding this deal.

  • Don't be judgmental and hard on yourself. You are a unique person with unique experiences. You're only beginning your life and nobody expects you to get a Nobel prize for your paper. Think about it as a lesson to get prepared for something huge in your life, not as a final goal to achieve.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. There are tonnes of ways to impress the reader. But do you want to use someone else's tricks? All applicants are different and it's not about being better or worse, it's about how you can express your own uniqueness.
  • Be brave. Don't be afraid of being misunderstood. If you have a certain point of view concerning something, you are more than welcome to share it, no matter haw many people may think the other way.
  • Think positive. This is highly important because your attitude determines your success. Think as if you have already done your best. Don't let a single bad thought ruin your confidence and trust.
  • Be open. Openness is essential to make your essay deep. Shallow and common statements will not surprise anybody, so you need to show that you are open to the world and ready to receive all the best things life has to offer.

Remember about essay requirements

While focusing on the content, many students forget to pay enough attention to the directions which leads to lots of mistakes they could avoid if they took time to read the requirements carefully. One of the common mistakes among applicants is that they tend to think all kinds of assigned papers have similar requirements and there is no need to review all of them. This couldn't be further from the truth. If you apply to a number of colleges simultaneously, you need to read and learn all there is to their papers. Some of them provide not only requirements, but also guidelines which may be quite helpful. A good idea would be to go online and find forums where students discuss how they were dealing with their application essays. You may also take part in such conversation and ask them for advice.

Include your achievements in the application essay

This is a great way to show the best sides of your personality. Take a pen and list your experience where you succeeded to include them into your essay. It's fine to pride yourself, because if you won't do it, who else will? Besides, how can the committee know about your achievements if you don't tell them? Think about the following:

  • Volunteer work, participation in formal organizations, achievements in sport competitions are welcome.
  • Hobbies and talents. Do you play musical instruments, write music by yourself, write poems, do painting or you're just an amazing cook? You can share it all.
  • Part time jobs can also be included in the paper. This will let the committee know how responsible, goal-oriented and eager to work hard you are. Here, you may also need to explain the reason why you decided to have a job instead of having some extra free time.
  • Did you save someone's life? Maybe you acted like a hero in some life threatening situation or you just help homeless people. This is also a wonderful thing to share.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to think about our own achievements, so you may ask people who know you quite well to talk about it. Maybe you will discover beautiful shades of your personality that you have never known before.

Be precise, no matter what

If you have to answer concrete questions, make your answer precise. Make sure you use your words wisely and don't get into too much details. In most of cases you have a limited number of words to use, this is why it is essential not to get lost in your own thoughts. Remember that you can write whatever you want in your first draft, but afterwards you will have to cut the story and make it shorter.

Be sure to keep your point clear. You cannot change your opinion from one paragraph to another, so you need to decide from the very beginning what you think about that or another issue and keep stuck to that point. This is how you can show your serious attitude, which is necessary to make a good impression.

Ask for professional help

While this is going to be a huge step in your academic career, we suggest not procrastinating with writing your application essay and start working on it right now. The sooner you get it done, the better. Consider using professional help of people who know how to make your essay perfect. Don't hesitate to the last day before the deadline and contact us right away. We know how to make this challenge easier for you.

Most of the students don't take it seriously enough, which leads to disappointment when they are not accepted to the college. This is why you need to put away all your issues and focus precisely on what matters now. This is about setting priorities in the right order. We are always here to help you succeed. We have helped hundreds of applicants already who are now happy students.

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