Learning how to write a hook for an essay

If your target is to make your potential audience read your academic paper attentively enough, not distracting and not falling asleep while they are reading it, most likely you will have to use a specific trick in order to grab their attention. A hook is such an instrument essay writers usually use in the beginning of their papers in order to get their reader really involved into what they are going to read about. The truth is, without having an effective hook there's a great chance you will lose you reader. It's like marketing, where you influence people's minds to make them do what you want. You have to foster such an environment for your target audience, so that the only thing they would want to do is to read your paper right away. Luckily enough, we know how to achieve this goal and we will help you succeed. In this article, you will learn how to write a hook for an essay just by following some easy steps.

Preparation work is essential

Before thinking about the hook, you need to make an outline of your major thoughts. In fact, you have to decide what exactly you want to tell your reader about, define your ultimate objective, what things you will try to prove or disprove, what is your intention and which means you will use to influence your potential target audience. Anyway, do the following:

  • Brainstorm all possible ideas. Create a complete list of them and put there the most inappropriate at first sight. Later, you will create a short list and cut the unnecessary thoughts.
  • Formulate you major intention. Above all, there has to be kind of a highest purpose you're going to follow throughout writing your paper to the very end.
  • Define an ultimate key point, which is something special that you want to prove.

Always keep your target audience in mind

Defining your potential audience is a step that you just can't avoid. You cannot write in nowhere, there's always someone to whom you want to make your paper desirable. To achieve this, you have to know the tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes, major beliefs, fears etc. your future reader may have. When you decided it, you need to imagine as if you are telling your story right in front of the people. Imagine they are all listening to you and you have to keep contact with them during a speech. Once you lose it, you lose the audience's attention as well. That is why, convince yourself that your reader is always there, just behind your shoulder and your purpose is to make him absolutely amazed by your essay.

Using facts as a tool

To explain to you better how to write a hook for an essay, here're some useful ideas.

  • Use a shocking fact that no one expects to find in your essay. This can even be kind of a provocation, but it's a great way to grab attention.
  • It's always good to use a joke in the opening paragraph. Even if your topic is serious enough, a nice joke will certainly draw some interest from the audience.
  • Give a provoking fact. Provocation is good, unless it provokes to inappropriate actions. In fact, many journalists use this kind of hook in writing their articles.

Stay creative

Creativity is pushing humanity to the progress. Make your paper unique and special, avoiding someone else's thoughts and ideas. You can for sure use quotations, but most of the rest of your text has to be original and give your individual point of view, no matter whether people will agree with it or not. If you really say what you think, they may not agree with you, but they will never ignore your courage of being honest.

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