If you don't know how to write a research paper conclusion

Primarily, you need to realize what they mean when talking about conclusion. When finishing your research, you're going to summarize everything. Basically, this is a brief abstract of the whole material, including the main viewpoints and the purpose. The summary has to be written in a simple manner to make it understandable. An average conclusion foresees several essential components. Some writers use certain strategies to make their summary sound solid and here, we will share some of them.

Restating the topic of your research

Typically, the easiest and most common method to deal with conclusion is restating the topic, while explaining the reason of significance of your research. Here are some tips to get id done.

  • Don't make restating itself too long and boring. Sometimes one sentence is enough for further developing of conclusion.
  • An effective conclusion has to make the significance of your research so obvious that no one could doubt it. Be authoritative.
  • Try making a good last impression by motivating your reader to action.
  • Don't set any questions. There's no need to ask your reader about anything, because your research has already provided all the answers.

Restating the thesis statement of your research

Conclusion is not less important for effectiveness of your paper than its body part. So making it strong and effective is what you definitely should do. For most of research papers, making a profound conclusion is actually the ultimate goal.

  • Come back to your thesis statement, reread and analyze it. Focus on the key aspects and highlight them.
  • To restate your thesis statement doesn't mean to repeat it. Instead, it means to use its key point to develop original idea that concludes your research.
  • Restating is not summarizing. Both are essential elements of a strong conclusion.

Putting your ideas together

On the required size of your paper depends how many ideas you can discuss. Some of which may appear to be less or more important. But you don't spend to much time on supporting ideas, instead, choose which ones are the most significant. If your research is long enough, remind your reader about the previous discussion in the body. However, don't go into much details, because conclusion is usually limited to a couple of paragraphs. A good solution would be to restate the key point first, and then to finish with a narrow summary.

Making a call to action

Sometimes students motivate their readers to a particular action, which is a good way to make a remarkable conclusion. For instance, if your topic was the problem of planet pollution, you can motivate to protect our planet, keep it clean and not to waste resources. At the same time, keep your target audience in mind if considering this method and make sure they will get right your follow-up statement. With that said, a call for action is not always necessary for every conclusion. We suggest finding a method that would be the most efficient in your particular case.

A good conclusion is an effective conclusion

One of the most important things you should know about an effective conclusion, is that you need to stick to your main point as much as possible. There is no way your work will be appreciated appropriately if you suddenly change your mind in the end of the paper. You need to have a strong opinion and express it with confidence. Lack of confidence usually identifies lack of grounded research. And on the contrary, the more confidence you emanate, the more successful you research is going to be.

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