How to write an essay fast and in professional manner

There are some writing assignments that students all over the world are incredibly afraid of. Among them is of course essay writing where you are expected to get your paper done within thirteen minutes. To some people this seems to be mission impossible, because they get lost and don't know how to focus on the task and instead, start worrying that they will not have enough time to finish. This is quite a common situation and it happens because when a person is limited in resources, they find themselves in a stressful situation, even though the task itself is not hard at all. Sounds like you? Keep reading and you will learn how to write an essay fast.

Keep calm, you can do it

First of all, you need to release tension and relax. Take a deep breath and believe that you can do it. The only problem is that you begin to worry instead of concentrating on the assignment and this is how you lose your time. When you feel relaxed, ideas come easily to your mind and you can express them freely. The truth is, limited time is not such a big deal, you only need to use it wisely and manage every minute appropriately.

Once you got the assignment, you need to start planning immediately. A good plan is half of your essay done. Start as soon as possible and take the following steps:

  • Study the essay question carefully. Usually the question itself is the topic of your essay.
  • Jot down your thoughts while studying the question. It is important because otherwise you may lose all your ideas.
  • Define the key idea you will discuss in your essay. Think of the arguments simultaneously.
  • Find proper examples and evidences you will use to prove your point. Remember writing them down immediately.
  • Make a brief conclusion.

Ten minutes are left, but you have almost your whole paper done! Now it is only a matter of putting everything together.

This is your chance to attract the reader. Even though your paper is going to be written extremely fast, it doesn't mean it won't be interesting. Think about what would be a good way to start your essay. Is it an provoking fact, a nice joke or a wise quote? In fact, the most important two sentences in your paper are going to be the first one and the last one in the meaning that it will make the first and the last impression on the reader.

Give yourself fifteen minutes for writing your paper down

Now that you have a hook and a good plan, you can proceed to writing. There is no need to hurry up any more, so just focus on writing it accurately without mistakes. Remember the following:

  • Divide your essay into three parts and don't forget to make paragraphs. Each new idea starts with a new paragraph.
  • Keep your whole point clear and don't use too much figurative language, unless it is a narrative writing.
  • One great main idea is better than a dozen of shallow ideas.
  • The conclusion has to be brief, deep and show your personal attitude to the issue.

Editing is also important

Now you have extra five minutes which means that it's a perfect chance to proofread and edit your essay. Some students ignore this step of essay writing and this is the exact reason why they get low marks. So don't be too lazy to spend a couple of minutes in order to be satisfied with the final result. Remember looking for any kind of mistakes, including spelling, some grammar errors etc. Make sure your point is clear and understandable.

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