Understand the concept of writing a persuasive essay

At first, you need to make it clear to yourself what your professor expects you to do. Usually, you are required to convince you potential reader in your complete rightness regarding some kind of problem or situation. As a matter of fact, your persuasive essay can be based on whatever you have an opinion about. In other words, to actually cope with this assignment, it is crucial that you have your personal opinion about things you are going to discuss. If you don't have it yet, start reflecting on it immediately. On your opinion depends what arguments you will use in order to persuade the audience.

What to begin with

First things first, so the most important thing you should know about this assignment, is that confidence is as much important as the content itself. Obviously, to deal with writing a persuasive essay successfully, you need to be persuasive. You need to be completely sure that you're right and express yourself confidently. Nobody has to question your opinion about the topic. You need to seem an expert in this area even if yesterday you didn't know anything about it. So it's not so much about your arguments, as about the impression that they make.

If you're not the most confident person in real life and arguing is not your biggest strength, we provided some tips that will hopefully make it easier for you to overcome your shyness in writing.

  • Pick up a very strong and profound stance to use in the thesis statement.
  • Begin every paragraph with a clear and precise statement.
  • Avoid repetition. A person who is confident about his statements will never repeat them for many times.
  • Think of every paragraph as of a small thesis. It has to provide its own idea and a brief conclusion.
  • Use quotes to support your point. If your opinion is similar to a famous person's opinion, you may use his or her words to show that you're not alone who thinks that way.
  • Keep your sentences narrow and stuck to the point. Once you formed your opinion, make sure it's not being changed throughout the paper.

The more persuasive techniques you use, the more chances you have to finally persuade your reader. The art of persuasion some people learn all their lives and there are still questions left to be answered. Try the next famous techniques:

  • Social validation is a good one. Using quotations is helpful but be careful and don't overuse them.
  • Agitation to the discussed problem. This is about showing your reader how destructive the problem is and give them a strong reason why they should care.
  • Offer solutions. It's not about discussing only, but also about analyzing the problem and offering effective solutions.
  • Stay firm. You should keep yourself trustworthy, so the reader could believe you. Avoid shallow statements and small words and instead, make your every sentence loud and clear.
  • Challenge your audience. It doesn't mean that you have to confront the reader. However, throwing a small challenge would make your paper more remarkable.
  • Acknowledge the opposite points of view, if they exist. If they don't, make them up. A strong researcher is eager to accept challenges and face opinions of his opponents.

Don't rush things up

If you want to write a good paper, let ideas come to you easily and don't force the process. Create for them a welcoming environment: go to the park, breath in some fresh air and be ready to get inspired. Sometimes the best ideas come when you don't expect them. On the contrary, if you feel stressed, you won't be able to fully use your creativity and writing a persuasive essay will turn into an endless struggle.

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